Digital Experience
execute 1:1 digital marketing from single hub
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Maximize Digital
Assets Performance
target each user with the
most relevant campaign
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Change The
Way You Think
AI platform that take data
decisions for you
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Want to make your data actionable ?

To realize this vision, we’ve built a single, unified
platform equipped with AI capabilities that
improve data quality and marketing capabilities exponentially.

Technology that works for you

Solidata’s vision is to solve data-driven marketing
complexity and enable marketers to do what they do
best- strategize, create and plan – instead of engaging
in data collection, ongoing optimization, segments
characterization and platforms integration.

Generate leads

learn what is the most converting call to action for each audience and personalized your CTA

Improve engagement

recommend each audience on the most relevant content and  product to his behavioral profile

Increase Revenue

identify audiences that have the biggest buying potential and the highest value for the company. 

Reduce media spending

use AI segmentation to generate real behavioral & high quality groups to reduce Irrelevant targeting


Translate the
power of your data
into growth!

Thanks to Solidata, we are able to collect tons of information that helps us create broad profiles for each client, and aptly match for them the messages and offers most relevant and conversion-driving. At Altman, we use several of Solidata's personalization tools to expand our use of the gathered data and generated insights, to optimize our operations with our marketers and act upon additional channels

Ronen Remez
Head of Digital, Altman

AI driven digital conversion platform

BI & Analytics

Explore and learn about your audiences and digital assets


unique, real time, autonomous algorithm for optimization and segmentation decisions

Customer data platform

Centralize all 1st party data sources onone hub. .

Media Targeting

create effective and smart targeting groups to use with
major paid media DSP.

Recommendation engine

Lunch personal recommendation tool in your website for content or products.

1:1 Experience cloud

Enjoy personalized omnichannel campaigns that expand your
business’ reach.

Result driven

Solidata autonomous algorithm is
fucous about growth. The machine
creates comparative groups so you
can measure the true impact for
each one of the campaigns and

Open architecture

Integrate with the other tools and
platform of your choice. Our advanced
data hub allows to connect and H
with another platform.

Marketing automation

Execute trigger email, SMS, app and media campaigns according to the customer behaviour and attribution

Want to make your data actionable

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