Our vision

Solidata seeks to reduce data-driven marketing complexity and enable marketers to once again do what they love – strategize, create, plan, etc. In other words, engage in actual marketing!

What we do

At Solidata, we are empowering the digital world with the knowledge and tools needed to get the absolute most out of online marketing. Comprised of mathematicians, programmers, marketers and advertisers, the Solidata team has worked together to create a diverse approach to data management. We use powerful deep-dive analytics to enable companies to improve the quality of their digital data, make it more actionable, and deliver more personalized and meaningful online user experiences.

Our unique data management platform (CDP) utilizes an advanced statistical algorithm that layers the data captured across all your digital assets to create unlimited audience segments. With Solidata, every click across the digital landscape is transformed into valuable insights that marketers can utilize to ultimately deliver the right content to the right target audience, stimulate user engagement and maximize conversions.

Come discover how to increase conversion with the power of AI
Come discover how to increase conversion with the power of AI

Our approach

Reducing data and analysis complexity without compromising on data quality or results! 
We seek to achieve this by implementing:

A centralized platform

Manage all data & marketing activities from a single platform

A hybrid solution

Let the platform make decisions for you, or take decision-making into your own hands

Data-driven technology

Optimize your marketing performance by using all available data

Extendable technology

Integrate with other data sources and platforms to enhance your user experience

Change-driving methodology

AI platform success depends on our ability to change the way we use to operate 

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