Consider Solidata if you are

CPG Companies

CPG companies are considered digital savvy and innovative marketers that operate multiple digital assets and tools. on the other end they are lucking the biggest digital sauce, individual customer data. The biggest challenge and opportunity of CPG companies is how to generate individual user data and integrate it with their digital efforts in order to increase sales and engagement.  

The Solidata platform can help CPG companies to add data driven marketing capabilities. Solidata Customer Data Platform (CDP), gather all 1st party digital assets data into central Hub and under single user profile. Using the unique preference system, marketers can identify real audience interest and generate comprehensive data driven digital experience.


Personalized customer experience through company digital assets

learn about your audience
digital and behavioral data

Centralize all 1st party digital
assets data & operation

Boost media results and segment accuracy by using unique preferences system

Increase leads with
AI optimization

Identify buying intent
and brand interest

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