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Enhancing Engagement with Real-time Personalization

The average person is bombarded with messages all day long. If we take for instance an average email inbox, then many of us receive approximately 3,000 emails a day and interact with only 120. Moreover, email response rates are appalling – receivers open a mere 18% of marketing emails and only click through 2% of them.

This all points to a pressing need for new ways to drive engagement. For marketers, that means vast competition in getting their messages to customers and prospects to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t and people see your mail as just more irritating inbox clutter, you’re heading for a shift + delete or an unceremonious trip straight to spam, or, as we call it in the marketing industry – low KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

From spam to glam – How to up your KPIs?

If your marketing campaigns are not meeting your KPIs, something in your execution is failing miserably. Ask yourself one question – are you embracing the latest proven marketing techniques?

You’ve probably heard the buzz word “personalization” and may even be creating personalized subject headers in your mails, that’s nice, but no longer enough. There are new ways to get personal and dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness.

Welcome to the world of personalized videos!

Today, everything is personalized – bags, t-shirts, cars, Netflix, bicycles etc.- as businesses realize that the more something feels uniquely yours, the more likely you are to buy it. According to marketing researches, most people would prefer to watch a fun, short video than read a long email or landing page – no matter how stimulating you think the content is. The use of engaging videos has been proven repeatedly to dramatically improve KPIs by boosting open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and lead generation.
You’ve got your catchy video? now add personalization into the mix.

There are a host of vendors offering frontline tools to help businesses stick out, get noticed, and keep audiences engaged. One such tool that is making a significant impact is the personalized video. Video personalization has proven to up email conversion by 500%.

We’re not talking about another marketing clip that uses done-to-death slogans like “we want you” thinking that that’s personalization. We’re talking real-time personalization where the video shown automatically integrates each viewer’s details – such as name, title or company, creating a unique and relevant experience. This is taking audience engagement to a whole new level.

What does personalize video mean to you?

For a business, the options for video personalization are endless. It opens the door wide for you to:

1. Promote your events

2. Make your customers feel important

3. Push your latest features, products or services

4. Attract top new talent to your team

5. Display your knowledge and expertise

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