Solidata is AI driven digital conversion platform

The platform is driven by AI & machine learning capabilities, which work together to enable and support real-time data driven marketing decision.
decisions that generate
better conversion and lead to increase revenues.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Unify all data sources to create deep customer understanding.

Solidata’s data hub enables unified customer profiles to be generated from different 1st party data sources: Campaign, digital, CRM, behavioural, etc. All sources are fused together, creating a single and comprehensive, 1:1 view oft your audience. 

Data Hub

Collect all data sources into a unified hub

Individual level

Manage data and build profiles on an individual level

CRM & Digital

Aggregate off-line data with online data

3rd party matching

Collect 3rd party data or consolidate your data with others

Data Privacy and GDPR

Manage data privacy and comply with GDPR regulations


Sit back and watch Solidata optimize your marketing.

If data is the heart of the platform, then AI driven analysis is its brain.
What makes Solidata unique is its ability to autonomously make data-driven decisions in real-time. From campaign optimization to audience characterization, Solidata A(I)-nalysis will autonomously find the most accurate audience to meet your specific marketing goals. 


Dynamic characterization of your segments


Deploy the most relevant campaign for each audience 


Deploy the most relevant articles or products for each audience 


Consistent testing and optimization to improve conversion


Target audience members with campaigns most likely to convert them

Personalization & Targeting suite

Make your data actionable
Solidata’s Personalization Suite, allow marketers to create a real 1:1 marketing experience. The cross-wise preference system connects data and channels to increase campaign accuracy and enable markets to execute efficiently multi-channel strategy. AI optimization helps marketers optimize channels’ performance and conversion rates.

Own internal

Pop-ups, web personalization, recommendation engine

Own external

Email, SMS, app notifications, marketing automation

Paid external 

google & Facebook media platforms


3rd party assets

BI & analytics

Don’t just visualize data, translate it into growth! 
Solidata utilizes all available data sources and digital assets to generate a holistic view of your audiences and channels. The unique preference system allows you to explore any group along different dimensions, or through different lenses, to gain a deeper understanding of any group and its contributing audiences. With the Insights dashboard, you can monitor multiple campaigns running on different channels and follow KPIs, trends & ROI as they evolve.


Explore audiences and conversion rates with visual dashboard


Explore audience behaviour and contribution


3 levels of contribution: asset, campaign, creative


Explore digital results and sources’ contributions

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