What exactly is real-time personalization

What exactly is real-time personalization

Instead of spending hours targeting your identified leads, let’s align your video marketing with the hottest trends on the market. Real-time video personalization tools allow you to customize in real-time, every single viewer experience, irrespective of the channel.

By using smart automatic algorithms, these tools mean that the minute brand new leads fill out a form on your site, you can present them with a personalized video giving them an engaging and unique experience at the crucial moment – when you’re at the top of their mind. Making personalized real-time videos your inbound marketing modus operandi, will hands down increase conversion rates and boost your lead generation.

Paid good money for your other personalized video tool? Don’t despair, you won’t have to ditch it, and you haven’t wasted your hard-earned marketing spend. You just now have a choice of which tool to use and when to use it to maximize results.

In essence, real-time personalization enhances the impact of a personalized video. Once you’ve created a personalized video, you can use it in an outbound campaign or harness the power of real-time personalization for inbound campaigns to deliver a completely exclusive experience on your site, email, blog or landing page and, to a far wider target audience. Making smart marketing choices based on expertise and experience means that you can now use personalized video in far more remarkable ways, all over your outbound and inbound efforts.

Omnichannel real-time video personalization

Incorporating real-time personalized videos in your inbound campaign is a powerful way to engage viewers with these unique touches throughout a variety of marketing channels – thrill them on your product pages, emails, landing page, blog, ABM campaigns, and anywhere you feel it will ultimately turn visits into paying customers.

In Conclusion

In an age of information overload, endless distractions, shortening attention spans, and infinite competition, marketers are being pushed harder and harder to find inventive ways to grab attention. To succeed, you need to show people that you understand their unique needs by delivering something immediately relevant as soon as they visit your site.

However, as we all know, users are fast surfing the net and conducting online purchases while on-the-go. So, using your personalized real-time videos shouldn’t only apply to your site but should be fully cross-device compatible. Similarly, all the data you’re collecting for every visitor to your site should also be gathered on all other devices and be combined into a single user profile. With that profile in hand, you can provide more personalized experiences across all channels and ultimately, achieve the KPIs and ROI you’re craving.


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